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"Changing the Image of TBP" - Andy Wang - Fall 1994 President

Andy Wang

I was with TBP for 2 years before I was elected President (pledged early in my sophomore year due to excessive AP credits). From what I saw, TBP was a society for honors engineering students but with very little activities. Members were not active and people on campus did not know who we were.

Not the members' fault,but simply because the officers weren't motivated and there was only a few activities to attend. Members that pledged didn't really know what else to do besides putting TBP on their resume. Since the members didn't know the club, there was little incentive to run for an office. But, from my own personal contact with engineering students, I knew that they weren't just a bunch of geeks. They were motivated, athletic, active, and fun people.

So, what I wanted to do was to change the image of an honors engineering student. Through couple of semesters of hard work from the officers and active members, CA A Chapter of TBP finally came to life. In addition to the people that I worked with while I was President, I'd like to thank the officers and active members from 1995 to present that kept this Chapter going.

Important Contributions and New Traditions

  • Bringing TBP to life
  • Improving image of TBP on campus
  • Encouraging members to run for officers
  • Won the first Little Big Axe from Stanford during the Little Big Game