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The Student and Alumni Relations committee is currently reworking the database system to verify the validity and faculty permissions of each exam and syllabus uploaded. We appreciate your patience while this endeavor is being carried out, and we welcome any inquiries from students and faculty alike. Please email president@tbp.berkeley.edu or stars@tbp.berkeley.edu for any immediate concerns (eg. rescinding previous permissions) and we will address them as soon as we can. Thank you.

A database of student-submitted syllabi, exams, and solutions, intended for use as a source of practice problems, exam preparation, and historical perspective. This database is not organized or maintained by the course instructors, so all materials should be recognized as incomplete and potentially obsolete. Many instructors maintain a current course website, which should be consulted first.

Students: Keep in mind that the materials here are student-submitted, potentially incomplete, out-of date, and may contain errors. If errors are found, please use the flags to inform us.

Instructors: Instructors are encouraged to provide a link to this database in their course syllabus along with appropriate guidance about how best to benefit from the additional practice materials that might be found here.

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