• TBP x Haley Guiliano LLP Info Session (3/17)

    Join us for an infosession with Haley Guiliano LLP, a Patent Law firm in San Jose. You will hear from a UC Berkelely alum, Gabrielle Prindle (IEOR '21), about employment opportunities and why engineers can make great lawyers!

    Sliver catering will be provided afterwards. This event is hosted by TBP.

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    TBP's website at the moment is going down periodically due to technical difficulties

    We are currently in the process of moving to OCF for a more stable website hosting, slated for towards the end of August 2022 (originally end of Spring 2022)

    You DO NOT need to email us, as our IT team has automatic detection and can act to turn it back on as soon as we can!

    If you experience website downtime, please check back in the next hour or next day at most

    Thank you and apologies for any inconvenience!

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