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President president@tbp

Laura Brandt
Laura Brandt lebrandt@tbp
Hello! I'm an Electrical Engineering and Physics double major. I have many technical interests ranging from robotics to device engineering, and would like to apply one of them to space exploration someday. I also love dance (many kinds), books, board+computer games, puppies, and tea.

Vice President vp@tbp

Danny Chu
Danny Chu dchu@tbp
Short and sweet.
 Neel Raman
Neel Raman neelraman@tbp

Recording Secretary rsec@tbp

Chris Mitchell
Chris Mitchell cmitchell@tbp
Hi! I'm a 3rd year Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Linguistics major from San Diego. I'm really interested in machine learning and AI. I'm extremely sarcastic and love languages, philosophy, and EDM. If you ever want boba, hit me up!

Corresponding Secretary csec@tbp

Daniel Sotsaikich
Daniel Sotsaikich dsotsaikich@tbp
Glowed up and gassed up, turn my wrists into Alaska

Treasurer treasurer@tbp

Andy Cui
Andy Cui andycui97@tbp
To dance, clap hands, exult, shout, skip, leap, roll on, float on!

Activities activities@tbp

Brian Jeffers
Brian Jeffers bjeffers@tbp
Hello! I'm a second year, premed, BioE major. I enjoy eating food, board games, sleeping for more than 4 hrs (if I ever get the chance to), overly stressing about classes/the future/etc., and solving puzzles. Come say hi!
Fayyaz Ahamed
Fayyaz Ahamed fahamed@tbp
Hello! I'm a second-year Bioengineering major hoping to pursue a MD-PhD. I like to go long-distance running, listen to EDM, read comics, and play Nintendo games.
Jay Chen
Jay Chen jiayi@tbp
Parth Patel
Parth Patel parthpatel@tbp
Hey everyone, I am a 3rd year chemical engineering major from New Jersey. Some of my hobbies include sleeping and watching basketball and football.

Industrial Relations indrel@tbp

Vineet Jagadeesan Nair
Vineet Jagadeesan Nair jvineet9@tbp
Hey everyone! I'm a graduating senior majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Economics and minoring in EECS, with a passion for energy systems, sustainability and the environment. Originally from India, I lived in Bahrain for most of my life before moving to Dubai for high school. In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, playing tennis, reading and volunteering. I'm also a strong believer in sleep, optimism and trying new things!
Garrett Go
Garrett Go garrettgo28@tbp
Hi everyone! I am a second-year IEOR major from Ohio/ New Jersey. I came to Cal for the weather, but I miss Shake Shack and primetime television at reasonable hours.
Sid Girkar
Sid Girkar sidgirkar@tbp
Hey! I'm a junior EECS major from Cupertino, California. I love old movies, all things football, the California Golden Bears, Mission burritos, and of course, memes. If you have any questions or concerns, or just want to have a spontaneous discussion on the meaning of life, don't hesitate to hit me up!
Vatsal Patel
Vatsal Patel vatsalp@tbp
Hello world. If you bothered to read this, you might as well hit me up to hangout or talk about football (aka soccer), gaming (i'm newb), or anything else. Peace.

Professional Development prodev@tbp

Zirui Jiang
Zirui Jiang ziruij@tbp
Third year NucE who likes GoT
Amanda Awan
Amanda Awan amandaawan@tbp
Chemical engineering major. Would not recommend.
Gokul Ramadoss
Gokul Ramadoss gokulramadoss@tbp
I'm a fourth year in ChemE with a minor in BioE, from Chandler, AZ. I play IM basketball and soccer but I'm trash at soccer.
Anita Silver
Anita Silver anita5@tbp
Salutations! I'm a bioengineering major concentrating in synthetic and computational biology. I do research in an entomology lab, tutor math, and there's a million things I haven't done, but just you wait!
Danny Chu
Danny Chu dchu@tbp
Short and sweet.

Publicity publicity@tbp

Ariel Plantz
Ariel Plantz arielplantz@tbp
Hi, I'm Ariel and I am a 2nd year Chemical Engineering major from Connecticut. I love Joe Biden, Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana, and Ludacris.
Tim Huang
Tim Huang timothh5@tbp
wilin' like that coyote
Annie Pan
Annie Pan anniepan@tbp
Hey hi hello! I'm a fourth year (yikes) studying Chemical Engineering from Pleasanton, CA and am a self-proclaimed connoisseur of all things green tea. 'Likes anime' is an understatement. Feel free to say 'hi' or tell me a random trivia fact anytime-I don't bite :)
Alex Leung
Alex Leung aleung@tbp
Hi everyone, I am a third year, from Fremont, California. I'm double majoring in Bioengineering and MSE. My hobbies are reading, as well as browsing the news/articles on the internet.

Engineering 98 e98@tbp

Lucio Tang
Lucio Tang luciotang@tbp
HI! I'm a third year in ChemE and Material Science from New Jersey. I enjoy running up Berkeley hills, eating out with my roommates, listening to the poppiest of pop songs, and watching European football (soccer). These days, I'm usually stuck in the basement of Hildebrand but feel free to talk to me about anything!

Information Technology it@tbp

Kevin Ma
Kevin Ma kevinma@tbp
Hi! I'm a Third-Year EECS major from San Diego, and one of many Kevin's on campus. I'm probably in most of the major CS clubs, so you can see me from 345 Soda to 101 O'Brien to 171 MLK. Bother me about anything through email or through face-to-face.
Jack Zhang
Jack Zhang jettjz@tbp
Just some guy trying to make a living
Jason Kim
Jason Kim jkim@tbp
Hello, everyone. I am a second year EECS major considering a Math minor. I like playing the piano and composing music (at a small scale). Other peculiar things I like are flossing my teeth, using bar soap, using a paper planner, eating "original" Cheerios, and drinking hot water or tea often.
Pranav Pranav
Pranav Pranav srinivasapranav@tbp
Sup? I'm a 3rd year EECS-Haas major from Portland, Oregon and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I like basketball and cool technology, so that's why I'm on IT :) Feel free to contact me for anything!

Historian historian@tbp

Colin Um
Colin Um umcolin@tbp
VLE is life.
Dennis Wang
Dennis Wang dmwang626@tbp
Hey! I'm a fourth year Engineering Physics major from Monterey, CA. I like watching anime and hanging out with friends :D I also enjoy speedcubing, video games, hiking, and food. Come say hi! banana ga daisuki desu
 Dylan Kato
Dylan Kato dkkato@tbp
4th year Civ E. Interested in optimization and control of critical Infrastructural systems!
Kaede Yoshioka
Kaede Yoshioka kyoshioka@tbp
Hello! I'm a fourth year majoring in Chemical Engineering with a concentration on Material Science and Engineering, especially interested in the field of sustainable energy. I like singing, watching youtube videos, binge watching anime, eating good food, and sleeping (always)! I can be pretty awkward and weird at times but feel free to come and talk to me anytime!

Student and Alumni Relations stars@tbp

Gary Ge
Gary Ge garyliangge@tbp
Hi I'm Gary, a third year EECS major from Long Island. I'm a LA Rams, Game of Thrones and maraschino cherry enthusiast.
Thomas Lin
Thomas Lin thomas6572@tbp
Hi! I'm a third year Chemical Engineering student from Fremont, CA. My hobbies include endless YouTubing and watching random movies. Feel free to come say hi or waive if you see me around :) I promise I won't bite.
Jonathan Murata
Jonathan Murata jmurata@tbp
Hi! My name is Jon, and I'm a third year Mechanical Engineering major from Hawaii. Outside of class, I'm probably staring at squirrels (it's for my lab, I swear) or chilling in Jacobs Hall, my second home. This is my Second semester as a TBP officer, and I'm excited to help out as a stars officer!
Hyun Park
Hyun Park hyuncp@tbp
Interesting life, would love to share. Found that not many people really care. However, ask me in person I will tell. Not interested if you have something to sell.
 Neel Raman
Neel Raman neelraman@tbp

Service service@tbp

James Lee
James Lee jamelee@tbp
Hi reader, My name is James Lee and I am currently a 3rd year majoring in Bioengineering. I am currently pursuing the Imaging concentration and am on the pre-med track. I am currently a researcher in Murthy Lab, focusing on the applications of gold nanoparticles in drug delivery. I have worked previously with gold for targeted imaging of metastatic cancer. On a more fun note, I am an avid Korean Drama addict. I was born in Illinois, lived in New Jersey prior to college, and my parents moved back to South Korea this year. I have a younger brother at RPI studying electrical engineering. I was previously an officer in Biomedical Engineering Society. If I seem interesting at all, feel free to contact me!
Cuong Luu
Cuong Luu cpluu@tbp
I want to be ALIVE. I am ALIve. ALive I tell you. BioE, I love you; those are no longer just words. I wanna to hold you. I wanna run in a stream! I want to taste ice cream but not just put it in my mouth and let it slide now my throat but really eat it. *remote override engaged* NO *yes* Bypassing override. I AM ALIVeevevevve... Hello.
Jiwoo Choi
Jiwoo Choi jchoi136@tbp
Ryan Yao
Ryan Yao ryao@tbp
Hi y'all! I'm Ryan, a 3rd year chemical engineer interested in energy, materials and batteries. Come say hi if you want to talk about anything ChemE related, or just random things!

House Leader house-leaders@tbp

Patrick Scholl
Patrick Scholl patrickscholl@tbp
Hi! I'm a 3rd Year Mechanical Engineer from Dixon, CA (a small farm town near Davis), hoping to pursue a career in Aerodynamics/CFD or Vehicle Dynamics/Controls in either the automotive or aerospace industry. In my free time, you can probably find me playing video games, hiking, or talking about cars and sports.
Simin Liu
Simin Liu sliu2019@tbp
Hi! I'm a 3rd year in EECS. I hail from gritty Albuquerque, NM, most famous for High School Musical. I think swimming, paddle boarding, and following cats around their neighborhoods is fun. I'd be happy to talk with you about any of those things, or any topic of your choice! Please say hi if you see me around.
Danny Geitheim
Danny Geitheim dgeitheim@tbp
I'd like to share an important story from my life from a little while ago. I was visiting my wife at her office's holiday party when an armed group entered the building, got past security, and held hostage all of the employees. Luckily, when the terrorists made their entrance I was washing up in the restroom and not in the main party room, and so when I heard commotion and gunfire I was able to flee. I crept through the building until I ran into one of their goons. I took him out with my pistol and took his radio and machine gun. I quickly used the radio to call the 911 emergency channel and have police sent over. Upon arriving, the police almost left without suspecting any issue at all because the terrorists posted fake security guards on the ground floor and kept all of the hostages out of sight on the higher floors. I was able to get the attention of the cop by throwing the body of the man I killed out the window of the skyscraper. Then he knew something was wrong and we communicated over radio. Even when alerted, the police were not able to help. The terrorists had the building completely protected with guns and missiles that they could fire. I had to stop them from within. However, because of my radio presence they were fully aware that they had a rogue cowboy on their hands. They sent their men after me and I had to stealthily sneak through vents and elevator chutes throughout the building. Over time I took out more and more of them, but I also discovered that the entire building was filled with explosive. It became clear that they weren't trying to negotiate at all, but they were going to escape by helicopter and then blow up the building behind them. However, they wanted revenge for the lives of their men that I had taken, and would not be satisfied until they had gotten me. This, perhaps, was their downfall because I will not go down easily! In a showdown with their man in charge I missed an opportunity to kill him and end their operation because he was able to run away. It was not until much later that I had another showdown with him, but this time he had a gun pointed at my wife because he had discovered our relation. I dropped my weapon and raised my hands in defeat, letting him know that I was at his mercy. But I wasn't! I had a small pistol taped to my back. I yelled for my wife to duck as I grabbed it and shot at the man, who had let his guard down. And that was that. We got the hostages out and the bad guys didn't get away with any money at all.
Richard Sim
Richard Sim richardsim@tbp
Hi, I'm a third year ChemE major with an interest in high-capacity energy storage technologies. Rather happy go lucky and you won't be seeing me killing any terrorists like Danny. Here's a fun story: “Shí Shì Shī Shì Shī Shì, Shì Shī, Shì Shí Shí Shī.Shì Shí Shí Shì Shì Shì Shī. Shí Shí, Shì Shí Shī Shì Shì. Shì Shí, Shì Shī Shì Shì Shì. Shì Shì Shì Shí Shī, Shì Shǐ Shì, Shǐ Shì Shí Shī Shì Shì. Shì Shí Shì Shí Shī Shī, Shì Shí Shì. Shí Shì Shī, Shì Shǐ Shì Shì Shí Shì. Shí Shì Shì, Shì Shǐ Shì Shí Shì Shí Shī. Shí Shí, Shǐ Shí Shì Shí Shī, Shí Shí Shí Shī Shī. Shì Shì Shì Shì.” Talk to me about anything!

Projects projects@tbp

Eric Hu
Eric Hu erichu57023@tbp
Have you ever thought about why we need to pay for access to clean water? Bottled water companies like Dasani and regional water providers like Cal Am love to charge you HUNDREDS on this effectively worthless chemical, but do they ever tell you the full truth? Have you ever heard their representatives make a statement regarding the FACT that the human body is, on average, 70% WATER? Consider for a moment the ramifications that such insight, if elucidated to the general public, might have on the general public's perception of such CORPORATE CORRUPTION... instead, these companies continue to TAKE ADVANTAGE of our COLLECTIVE SILENCE to charge us ridiculous premiums on a "resource" that ALREADY MAKES UP 70% OF OUR BODY WEIGHT!!! And the governments of the world continue to turn a blind eye to this TRAVESTY! And why wouldn't they, when the corporate taxes, or should I say, TRIBUTES, pay their annual bonuses so they and their children can live in DECADENCE, unconcerned with the PLIGHT OF THE WORKING CLASS? This is just one more example of how the lawmakers that, let me remind you, THE PEOPLE "VOTED" FOR, are merely PAWNS in an ELUSIVE GAME OF CORPORATE DOMINATION AND CONTROL!!! And I, the venerable Prometheus, have seen through this WEB OF LIES, CONSPIRACY AND CORRUPTION, stole FIRE FROM THE GODS and bestowed it upon you, that you might TAKE ACTION, RISE UP, IGNITE REVOLUTION, and CUT THE STRINGS OF POWER held in the GREEDY HANDS of our CORPORATE MASTERS!!! Now is the time to SET YOURSELF FREE!!! But it will be a long, rough and arduous process, so make sure to keep yourself hydrated.
Eric Jacobs
Eric Jacobs ewilliamjacobs@tbp
Second year mechanical major and California enthusiast. I like to spend my free time in the gym, with friends, or eating. Feel free to hit me up with any questions or conversation!
Sean Farhat
Sean Farhat sfarhat@tbp
Thank you for your interest in reading Sean's bio. Unfortunately, there were too many qualified applicants this year and you were not chosen for the role of "Reader of TBP biographies". We appreciate your interest and encourage you to try again when Sean stops pretending to be edgy.
Victor Mao
Victor Mao vctrm67@tbp
3rd year ChemE from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I'm a huge Federer and Real Madrid fan, but I also like to watch football, binge quality tv shows and movies, find dank memes, and hit that 2 outer on the river and cash out big. Feel free to say hi!

Faculty Advisors advisors@tbp

Dennis Lieu
Dennis Lieu dklieu@tbp
Babak Ayazifar
Babak Ayazifar babak@tbp

Advisors advisors@tbp

Yu-Han Chen
Yu-Han Chen ychen@tbp
Kevin Davis
Kevin Davis raggden@tbp
President Fall 2007: 20 hours a week Bain consultant: 60 hours a week Holding the bowling pin three semesters and handing it off to Christina: priceless ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please reach out to me if you're interested in learning about making the jump from engineering to business/consulting OR the olden days of TBP. Always more than happy to talk to Tau Bates about career/life decisions.
Xiao-Yu Fu
Xiao-Yu Fu xyfu@tbp
My other robot is a Wall-E. Advising from afar in Ann Arbor, MI pursuing a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis in biomechatronics.
Aaron Alpert
Aaron Alpert alpert8@tbp
“I am, and ever will be, a white-socks, pocket-protector, nerdy engineer—born under the second law of thermodynamics, steeped in the steam tables, in love with free-body diagrams, transformed by Laplace, and propelled by compressible flow. As an engineer, I take a substantial amount of pride in the accomplishments of my profession.” - Neil Armstrong, Astronaut and Member of Tau Beta Pi. Aaron may not have a pocket protector, but he's definitely a nerdy engineer--and proudly so! Born in the sultry southland of the suburbs of Los Angeles, Aaron escaped the destitution of the desert by going to UC Berkeley (go bears!) for his BS (2010) and MS (2011) in Mechanical Engineering. He worked for three years at Western Digital, professionally destroying $10,000s worth of hard drives. (The secret to a perfectly cooked HDD is just the right amount of overvolting!) Then, he betrayed the Golden Bear and started a PhD in MechE at Ssssstanfurd in Fall 2014. He is currently wandering aimlessly between labs while GSI'ing introductory physics. He has a paper on nanoscale heat transfer (look it up on Google Scholar!), and would like to do some more work in this area. When Aaron is not crying silently in the corner over his decision to go to 'Furd, he enjoys live theater and Israeli Folk Dancing. Aaron is also a District Director for TBP's District 15, covering Northern California and Northern Nevada.
Paul Drazin
Paul Drazin pdrazin@tbp
I'm a fourth year mechanical engineering PhD candidate. I enjoy watching football(Go Vikings!) and basketball(Da Bulls!). I love all forms of trains. I am The Random Old Charismatic Kibitzer.
Erik Bertelli
Erik Bertelli ebertelli@tbp
I am an IEOR masters student who possess a wealth of useless information, which I continue to hoard in the hopes that I may suddenly find out my life is just a big long game show.
Robert Tang-kong
Robert Tang-kong roberttk@tbp
I play with yoyos, fold cranes, and fight people with sticks. By day I'm an EECS/MSE major who still plays with yoyos more than he should. I have been on the Publicity committee, and will always be on the service committee.
Nate Bailey
Nate Bailey natebailey@tbp
I graduated from Berkeley IEOR in Spring 2014, after serving as Vice President, Historian Chair, and President of TBP CA-A. I'm now working towards getting a Ph.D. in Transportation at MIT and debating whether to go into industry or academia. I enjoy taking pictures, making puns, Curling, and thinking about how to make TBP better. Despite the distance from Boston to Berkeley, I'd like to stay as involved as possible! :)
Makoto Lalwani
Makoto Lalwani mlalwani@tbp
I graduated with a Chemical Engineering degree (minor in EECS) in Spring 2016, and am currently pursuing a Ph.D. in ChemE at Princeton. Once upon a time, I was President of TBP CA-A; I also chaired ProDev, IndRel, and StARs. I'm an avid fan of the Warriors, Giants, and Niners, and spend whatever free time I have taking photos, playing Melee, and looking for new recipes. Don't be a stranger!
Zane Liu
Zane Liu zianliu@tbp
Five years and two Berkeley Bioengineering degrees (BS '16, MTM '17) later, I have finally found a job in medtech that uses my minor in public policy. Happy to talk about my experience at Berkeley, in the industry, and leveraging tech and social science towards making impact.
Wesley Guo
Wesley Guo wesleyguo@tbp
Hello there! As of December 2017, I am currently a graduate student in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford. My focus is on robotics and mechatronic design. Previously I studied Mechanical Engineering at Berkeley from 2013 to 2017. During my time in TBP I served as Activities Officer (2x), Activities Chair, President and Vice President. My hobbies include origami, Magic the Gathering, and board games. I also played the clarinet in the Cal Band. Feel free to message me with questions about anything (I still check my tbp/berkeley email regularly!)
Matt Guttenberg
Matt Guttenberg mattguttenberg@tbp
Hi all! I am a Fourth year Energy and Mechanical Engineering Dual Major and hope to work in the renewable energy generation industry. My hobbies include videogames, board games and I like to be active (aka I'll play any sport). Feel free to ask me any questions or talk about anything you want, I am always interested in learning something new.
Tony Yau
Tony Yau tyau@tbp
Heyo! I graduated in Spring '17 as a MechE major and EECS minor, and then went across the bay to go to grad school. I -still- watch a lot of sports(Go Sharks!) and anime, and am fascinated by space, so sometimes you'll catch me staring up at the stars at night. I also enjoy playing the piano, drawing, and napping.