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President president@tbp

Celeste Wu
Celeste Wu sycwu@tbp
BioE+EECS '22 || doing eecs just for gamedev tbh. i do research!! currently working in the harland lab studying frog development. i love drawing reading and writing! also a theatre minor ayyy

Vice President vp@tbp

Yujung Park
Yujung Park ypark1@tbp
BioE '23; spotify, stardew valley, sweetheart cafe watermelon freeze
James Bartman
James Bartman jbartman47@tbp
Junior double-majoring in IEOR + EECS. Born in SF but raised in Ohio. I enjoy all things sports and am an avid saxophonist.

Recording Secretary rsec@tbp

Derrick Ma
Derrick Ma guaguama@tbp
'24 BioE major. Creatine aficionado. Breaststroke and top lane specialist.

Corresponding Secretary csec@tbp

Rohan Patel
Rohan Patel rohanpatel@tbp
Hi, I’m Rohan and I’m a fourth year Mech E major from the Bay Area. I like tasty food.

Logistics @tbp

Nicholas Solan
Nicholas Solan nicksolan@tbp
I'm a third year chemical engineering major from Hermosa Beach. Go bears

Treasurer treasurer@tbp

David Han
David Han dhan7173@tbp
I'm a junior from the Bay Area who enjoys badminton, Smash Ultimate (show me your moves!), and good chocolate.

Activities activities@tbp

Roy Zhou
Roy Zhou renzhou@tbp
Hello, I'm a second-year EECS major that likes Tetris, crosswords, teaching, baking, puns, musicals, and drawing.
Tara DuBridge
Tara DuBridge ttdubridge@tbp
Leah Mealey
Leah Mealey leahmealey@tbp
Bella Crouch
Bella Crouch isabellacrouch@tbp
Kat Wang
Kat Wang kwang23@tbp

Industrial Relations indrel@tbp

Danny Reidenbach
Danny Reidenbach dreidenbach@tbp
Anthony Maltsev
Anthony Maltsev amaltsev@tbp
eecs '24, indrel mu-cored and rym-pilled
Ajay Vellayapan
Ajay Vellayapan ajayvellayapan@tbp
Fiona Lin
Fiona Lin fionalzx@tbp
Life goals: - Have a bichon, a shiba, and a golden retriever - Visit every continent - Create a product - Open my own restaurant
Christopher Brazda
Christopher Brazda chrisbrazda@tbp
TJ Chauhan
TJ Chauhan tjchauhan2019@tbp
I am a 2nd year Chemical Engineering Major. In my free time, I like to play chess and PS5.

Professional Development prodev@tbp

Brooke Chang
Brooke Chang brookechang@tbp
Brooke is a second-year Materials Science and Engineering student. In her free time, she enjoys exploring Berkeley and playing soccer.
Xiaoqi Sun
Xiaoqi Sun sxq29@tbp
It's never too late to go back to bed.
William Wei
William Wei wjwei@tbp
A third-year ChemE that unfortunately does not do much chemistry. I LiKeD cHeMiSTrY iN HiGh sChOol
Dixun  Cui
Dixun Cui dixuncui@tbp
die hard Toronto Maple Leafs fan
Eustyn Trinh
Eustyn Trinh eustyntrinh@tbp
Steven Salah-Eddine
Steven Salah-Eddine stevense99@tbp
A senior mechanical engineering student who really likes doing anything else but school. I am a part of the Professional Development Committee, and I am looking forward to looking over our future candidates' resumes! Feel free to email me at:

Publicity publicity@tbp

Joyce Guo
Joyce Guo joyceyguo@tbp
most likely to be found making spotify playlists for every mood, learning lizzy mcalpine's entire discography, or watching Howl's moving castle over and over again :') feel free to reach out & chat about anything!
Sophia Xue
Sophia Xue xueq@tbp

Engineering 98 stars@tbp

Jenny Mei
Jenny Mei jennymei@tbp
meche + eecs 2023, i have like 850 games in my steam library but all i do is replay dark souls :(
Andrew Lin
Andrew Lin linandrew@tbp

Information Technology it@tbp

Oscar Chan
Oscar Chan ochan2@tbp
Kifflom! I'm a Transfer Super Senior who just happens to be a 5th Year Masters student in EECS, working in HCI Research within the CS Education field working on the Snap! website and interpreter. I'm open to new and exciting hobbies (please share any you have with me, or better yet hang out over that!), but I like games, biking, hiking, teaching, and nerding over code! NoCopyrightSounds is my jam!
Kevin Chen
Kevin Chen chevinken@tbp
Hi I'm Kevin and I'm a 3rd year EECS major from SoCal. I love playing TFT (peak rank challenger), League of Legends, basketball, card games, and the saxophone.
Alex Nguyen
Alex Nguyen alexnguyenn@tbp
Zoltan Williamson
Zoltan Williamson zoltantakahiro@tbp
Yoooooo, I'm Zoltan and I'm a transfer EECS major. I like to play tennis and then immediately after drink boba so the work-out was pointless
Axel Li
Axel Li inferee@tbp

Historian historian@tbp

Ben Liao
Ben Liao benliao1@tbp
Felix Lin
Felix Lin felixlin@tbp
why is cs70 so hard ;(

Student and Alumni Relations stars@tbp

Sharan Raghavan
Sharan Raghavan sharanraghavan@tbp
Hi! I'm a third-year chemical engineering and materials science and engineering joint major from Cerritos, CA!
Ben Clifner
Ben Clifner clifnerb@tbp
Leo Huang
Leo Huang klhftco@tbp
Kaleb Jen
Kaleb Jen kjen@tbp
Hello there!

Service service@tbp

Wudi Fan
Wudi Fan wudifan@tbp
Always wanted to change the world, just need more time
Yi Zhu
Yi Zhu yizhu@tbp
A picture is just a giant Excel file.
Shivam Singhal
Shivam Singhal shivamsinghal@tbp
Hi there! My name is Shivam, and I am a third-year EECS major from the Bay Area. I am SUPER excited to be part of the Service team this semester, so hopefully, we can take on some cool projects together. Ever since quarantine has started, I have dabbled in cooking up some of my favorite spicy food, biking around town and enjoying nature, and watching some good ol' comedy. If you ever want to talk about my committee or really anything else, feel free to reach out! I would be more than happy to chat. :)
Amala Akkiraju
Amala Akkiraju akkiraju@tbp
second year chem e major!

Games games@tbp

Youssef Elias
Youssef Elias youssefelias@tbp

House Leader house-leaders@tbp

Jenny Mei
Jenny Mei jennymei@tbp
meche + eecs 2023, i have like 850 games in my steam library but all i do is replay dark souls :(

Faculty Advisor advisors@tbp

Tracy Becker
Tracy Becker tcbecker@tbp
I am an assistant professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Berkeley. I am a structural engineer. My students and I are working to increase the reliability of communities by developing, better understanding, and facilitating the adoption of advanced structural systems that protect structures in natural or man-made disasters, resulting in the smallest possible losses.
Babak Ayazifar
Babak Ayazifar babak@tbp

Projects projects@tbp

Francis Geng
Francis Geng fgeng@tbp
EECS + DS ’23. hmu to hike/fish/camp together
Adit Roychowdhury
Adit Roychowdhury rcadit@tbp
I'm an international MechE/EECS Double Major and I'm into product design and robotics
Dhruv Vaish
Dhruv Vaish dvaish@tbp

Advisor advisors@tbp

Danny Chu
Danny Chu dchu@tbp
Short and sweet.
Albert Tang
Albert Tang alberttang@tbp
Did you know stool softener doesn't actually make your chair softer? (EECS '21)
Andy Reddy
Andy Reddy andyreddy16@tbp
Why go to class when you can watch lectures online? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Albert Qian
Albert Qian ayqian22@tbp
Hi, I'm an IEOR major: What my friends think I (can't) do: EECS. What TBPers think I do: "Wait what actually *is* IEOR"? What society thinks I do: Run a steel mill. What I think I do: Drink mimosas with Elon. What we actually do:
Paul Drazin
Paul Drazin pdrazin@tbp
I'm a fourth year mechanical engineering PhD candidate. I enjoy watching football(Go Vikings!) and basketball(Da Bulls!). I love all forms of trains. I am The Random Old Charismatic Kibitzer.
Yu-Han Chen
Yu-Han Chen ychen@tbp
Xiao-Yu Fu
Xiao-Yu Fu xyfu@tbp
My other robot is a Wall-E. Advising from afar in Ann Arbor, MI pursuing a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis in biomechatronics.
Erik Bertelli
Erik Bertelli ebertelli@tbp
I am an IEOR masters student who possess a wealth of useless information, which I continue to hoard in the hopes that I may suddenly find out my life is just a big long game show.
Aaron Alpert
Aaron Alpert alpert8@tbp
“I am, and ever will be, a white-socks, pocket-protector, nerdy engineer—born under the second law of thermodynamics, steeped in the steam tables, in love with free-body diagrams, transformed by Laplace, and propelled by compressible flow. As an engineer, I take a substantial amount of pride in the accomplishments of my profession.” - Neil Armstrong, Astronaut and Member of Tau Beta Pi. Aaron may not have a pocket protector, but he's definitely a nerdy engineer--and proudly so! Born in the sultry southland of the suburbs of Los Angeles, Aaron escaped the destitution of the desert by going to UC Berkeley (go bears!) for his BS (2010) and MS (2011) in Mechanical Engineering. He worked for three years at Western Digital, professionally destroying $10,000s worth of hard drives. (The secret to a perfectly cooked HDD is just the right amount of overvolting!) Then, he betrayed the Golden Bear and started a PhD in MechE at Ssssstanfurd in Fall 2014. He is currently wandering aimlessly between labs while GSI'ing introductory physics. He has a paper on nanoscale heat transfer (look it up on Google Scholar!), and would like to do some more work in this area. When Aaron is not crying silently in the corner over his decision to go to 'Furd, he enjoys live theater and Israeli Folk Dancing. Aaron is also a District Director for TBP's District 15, covering Northern California and Northern Nevada.
Kevin Davis
Kevin Davis raggden@tbp
President Fall 2007: 20 hours a week Bain consultant: 60 hours a week Holding the bowling pin three semesters and handing it off to Christina: priceless ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please reach out to me if you're interested in learning about making the jump from engineering to business/consulting OR the olden days of TBP. Always more than happy to talk to Tau Bates about career/life decisions.
Robert Tang-kong
Robert Tang-kong roberttk@tbp
I play with yoyos, fold cranes, and fight people with sticks. By day I'm an EECS/MSE major who still plays with yoyos more than he should. I have been on the Publicity committee, and will always be on the service committee.
Laura Brandt
Laura Brandt lebrandt@tbp
Hello! I graduated in spring 2019, and was an Electrical Engineering and L&S Physics double major. I've held the positions of StARs, StARs chair, ProDev, Logistics Director, Vice President, and President. I'm now an Advisor for the chapter in an official sense, but also an alum who's always happy to talk about school, career, and TBP on a more personal level! I can't meet in-person (I'm across the country attempting the whole "PhD" thing at MIT), but I'm happy to e-mail, text, call, vid chat... Whatever floats your boat. Reach out!