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President president@tbp

Kaede Yoshioka
Kaede Yoshioka kyoshioka@tbp
Hello!! I'm a third year majoring in chemical engineering, especially interested in the field of sustainable energy. I like singing, watching youtube videos, binge watching anime (any anime lovers here? :D) and food! I can be pretty awkward and weird at times but feel free to come and talk to me anytime!

Vice President vp@tbp

Laura Brandt
Laura Brandt lebrandt@tbp
Hello! I'm an Electrical Engineering and Physics double major. I have many technical interests ranging from robotics to device engineering, and would like to apply one of them to space exploration someday. I also love dance (many kinds), books, board+computer games, puppies, and tea.
Chris Mitchell
Chris Mitchell cmitchell@tbp
Hi! I'm a 3rd year Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Linguistics major from San Diego. I'm really interested in machine learning and AI. I'm extremely sarcastic and love languages, reading, Hamilton, and EDM music. If you ever want boba, hit me up!

Recording Secretary rsec@tbp

Annie Pan
Annie Pan anniepan@tbp
Hey hi hello! I'm a fourth year (yikes) studying Chemical Engineering and minoring in Molecular Toxicology. I'm from Pleasanton, CA (East Bayyy) and am a self-proclaimed connoisseur of all things green tea. 'Likes anime' is an understatement. Feel free to say 'hi' or tell me a random trivia fact anytime-I don't bite :)

Corresponding Secretary csec@tbp

Daniel Sotsaikich
Daniel Sotsaikich dsotsaikich@tbp
Hi! I'm a sophomore mechanical engineer from Los Angeles. I love to watch and play basketball and hockey and am a big NFL fan. I love listening to indie rock and hip hop. I workout too, so if you ever need a weak lifting buddy that hates leg day, I'm your guy!

Treasurer treasurer@tbp

Sepehr Rostamzadeh
Sepehr Rostamzadeh srostam@tbp
Hey! My name is Sepehr and I'm a second year Mechanical Engineering major from Phoenix, Arizona. I'm a huge football and baseball fan so if you ever want to talk sports or hit up the RSF, hit me up!

Activities activities@tbp

Jason Anderson
Jason Anderson janderson271@tbp
Nuclear and Mechanical Engineer 2nd year Employed by General Atomics Spring 2017 course schedule ME 40 (Thermo) ME 104 (Dynamics) ME 106 (Fluids) ME 132 (Controls) NE 150 (Reactor Theory) Interests: (TBP), bridge, risk, hiking, yoga
Brian Jeffers
Brian Jeffers bjeffers@tbp
Sleep is optional.
Dennis Wang
Dennis Wang dmwang626@tbp
Hey! I'm a fourth year Engineering Physics major from Monterey, CA. I like watching anime and hanging out with friends :D I also enjoy speedcubing, video games, hiking, and food. Come say hi! banana ga daisuki desu
Andy Cui
Andy Cui andycui97@tbp

Industrial Relations indrel@tbp

  Neel Raman
Neel Raman neelraman@tbp
Yo what's up everyone, I'm Neel, a second year ChemE major from Round Rock, Texas. I like listening to music, watching/playing basketball, and binge-watching good TV shows so hit me up if you have any recommendations or if you just want to chat!
Mike Estrada
Mike Estrada mkestrada2@tbp
Siyang Liu
Siyang Liu siyangliu@tbp
Hurr Durr
Vineet Jagadeesan Nair
Vineet Jagadeesan Nair jvineet9@tbp
Hey everyone! I'm a rising senior majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Economics and minoring in EECS, with a passion for energy systems, sustainability and the environment. Originally from India, I lived in Bahrain for most of my life before moving to Dubai for high school. In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, playing tennis, reading and volunteering. I'm also a strong believer in sleep, optimism and trying new things!

Professional Development prodev@tbp

Danny Chu
Danny Chu dchu@tbp
Save water, drink beer. Save paper, don’t do homework.
Gokul Ramadoss
Gokul Ramadoss gokulramadoss@tbp
I'm a fourth year in ChemE with a minor in BioE, from Chandler, AZ. I play IM basketball and soccer but I'm trash at soccer.
Tom Lin
Tom Lin tomlin@tbp
Hey guys! I'm a 4th year studying ChemE and MSE. I'm back after a year off working and feel ancient. Please talk to me and make me feel relevant. In my spare time I play basketball or work on computers. Come out to our events!
Zirui Jiang
Zirui Jiang ziruij@tbp

Publicity publicity@tbp

Yash Mehta
Yash Mehta yammy@tbp
Hi! I'm a junior, joint majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science & Engineering. I am a Manchester City fan and I love listening to Coldplay. I also know how to play the Scottish Bagpipes. Ask me anything about YouTube, because that's where I spent most of my time!
Alex Leung
Alex Leung aleung@tbp
Hi everyone, I am a second year, from Fremont, California. I'm double majoring in Bioengineering and MSE. My hobbies are reading, as well as browsing the news/articles on the internet.
Vatsal Patel
Vatsal Patel vatsalp@tbp
Hello world. If you bothered to read this, you might as well hit me up to hangout or talk about football (aka soccer), gaming (i'm newb), or anything else. Peace.
Cindy Lo
Cindy Lo chichenglo@tbp
Hi, My name is Cindy :) I am a third-year IEOR major. I love drinking boba, fencing, and playing board game. Feel free to play board game with me as I like playing with a large group of people.

Engineering 98 e98@tbp

Connie Yu
Connie Yu connieyu@tbp
Hello! I’m a third-year bioengineering major minoring in mechanical engineering. I started off as L&S undecided, which means I know far too much about not knowing what to do with my life. Other things I know too much about include scenic paths to run around the East Bay, any and all things hands-on (from laser cutting to machining, crocheting to origami), and unintentionally ruining cookies.

Information Technology it@tbp

Kevin Ma
Kevin Ma kevinma@tbp
Hi! I'm a Third-Year EECS major from San Diego, and one of many Kevin's on campus. I'm probably in most of the major CS clubs, so you can see me from 345 Soda to 101 O'Brien to 171 MLK. Bother me about anything through email or through face-to-face.
Pranav Pranav
Pranav Pranav srinivasapranav@tbp
Sup? I'm a 3rd year EECS major from Portland, Oregon and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I like basketball and cool technology, so that's why I'm on IT :) Feel free to contact me for anything!
Jason Kim
Jason Kim jkim@tbp
Hello, everyone. I am a second year EECS major considering a Math minor. I like playing the piano and composing music (at a small scale). Other peculiar things I like are flossing my teeth, using bar soap, using a paper planner, eating "original" Cheerios, and drinking hot water or tea often.
Jack Zhang
Jack Zhang jettjz@tbp
I thought this was a frat...

Historian historian@tbp

 Dylan Kato
Dylan Kato dkkato@tbp
Historian Chair!! I am a third year civil and environmental engineering major! I am originally from Huntington Beach, which is a coastal city south of LA. Even though I come from So Cal, I love being in the bay area and I like to spend my free time exploring Berkeley and the surrounding areas!
Colin Um
Colin Um umcolin@tbp
Caw caw caw caw caw
Sarah Sun
Sarah Sun sarahsun123@tbp

Student and Alumni Relations stars@tbp

Thomas Lin
Thomas Lin thomas6572@tbp
Hi! I'm a third year Chemical Engineering student from Fremont, CA. My hobbies include endless YouTubing and watching random movies. Feel free to come say hi or waive if you see me around :) I promise I won't bite.
Jonathan Murata
Jonathan Murata jmurata@tbp
Hi! My name is Jon, and I'm a second year Mechanical Engineering major from Hawaii. Outside of class, I'm probably staring at squirrels (it's for my lab, I swear) or chilling in Jacobs Hall, my second home. This is my Second semester as a TBP officer, and I'm excited to help out as a stars officer!
Evan Patel
Evan Patel epatel@tbp
The picture says 1000 words
Gary Ge
Gary Ge garyliangge@tbp

Service service@tbp

Smita Jain
Smita Jain smitajain@tbp
Hey! I’m a third year IEOR major originally from Chicago. I’m a real sucker for all things Bollywood and I love to go on walks and explore the area. I’m a Resident Assistant and will be doing research with a professor so if either of those are things you're interested in come talk to me! If you love Modern Family and deep dish pizza as much as I do (or even if you don’t), feel free to come say hi!
James Lee
James Lee jamelee@tbp
Cuong Luu
Cuong Luu cpluu@tbp
Jiwoo Choi
Jiwoo Choi jchoi136@tbp

House Leader house-leaders@tbp

Sid Girkar
Sid Girkar sidgirkar@tbp
Hey! I'm a sophomore EECS major from Cupertino, California. I love old movies, all things football, the California Golden Bears, Mission burritos, and of course, memes. If you have any questions or concerns, or just want to have a spontaneous discussion on the meaning of life, don't hesitate to hit me up!
Rohan Chakraborty
Rohan Chakraborty rohanchak@tbp
Hi, y'all! I'm a second year ChemE from Houston, Texas with specific interests in renewable energy and materials science. Outside of class, I love science outreach, Cal football, dank memes, Drake, Drake, and Drake. Although I'm going to lead Bodi to greatness this semester, I love meeting new people of all houses, so come say hi!
Justin Lu
Justin Lu justinlu@tbp
Hi! I'm Justin and I'm a second year EECS major from Minnesota. Outside of school, I love to play and watch sports, listen to music, and watch Gordon Ramsay cooking videos.
Simin Liu
Simin Liu sliu2019@tbp

Projects projects@tbp

Michael Yi
Michael Yi myi777@tbp
Hey everyone! I'm a third year Chemical Engineering major from Anaheim, CA. (No, I do not go to Disneyland that often). In my free time, I enjoy watching youtube videos, nba games, playing basketball, archery, yo-yoing, and video games. If you share any of my interests or just want to talk, hit me up!
Victor Mao
Victor Mao vctrm67@tbp
3rd year ChemE from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I'm a huge Federer and Real Madrid fan, but I also like to watch football, binge quality tv shows and movies, find dank memes, and hit that 2 outer on the river and cash out big. Feel free to say hi!
Eric Hu
Eric Hu erichu57023@tbp
Hey guys! I'm a 2nd-year BioE major from Monterey, CA. My official interests are in medical robotics and prosthetics (no, I'm not switching to EECS lol), but my true passions are eating food, watching Youtube videos, listening to EDM, dank memeing, playing video games, and sleeping (when I can get a chance). Feel free to say hi if you catch me during the 5 minutes per day I spend outside!