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President president@tbp

Jarrod Hsu
Jarrod Hsu jarrod@tbp
pc albert qian

Vice President vp@tbp

Reini Lin
Reini Lin reinilin@tbp
Third-year book enthusiast, Bay Area native, and dark chocolate aficionado. Fond of Greek mythology, Studio Ghibli, and matcha-flavored desserts.
Danny Campbell
Danny Campbell dcampbell1133@tbp
Hi! I'm a 4th year IEOR student from the Bay Area. My hobbies include watching the Warriors / Giants, finding new places to (attempt to) study, watching movies, and consuming an unhealthy amount of baked goods.

Recording Secretary rsec@tbp

Arnav Raha
Arnav Raha arnavraha@tbp
Third year BioE; fan of animals and puns~

Corresponding Secretary csec@tbp

Angela Hou
Angela Hou angela@tbp
Hey y'all! Fourth-year chemical engineering major from SoCal here. Catch me hand lettering, taking photos with aesthetic walls, and playing video games!

Treasurer treasurer@tbp

Ariel Plantz
Ariel Plantz arielplantz@tbp
Hi, I'm Ariel and I am a 3rd year Chemical Engineering major from Connecticut. I love Joe Biden, Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana, and Ludacris.

Logistics @tbp

Albert Qian
Albert Qian ayqian22@tbp
Wait what does IEOR mean? I'm glad you asked: What can I do with a degree in IEOR? This apparantly:

Activities activities@tbp

Andrew Wang
Andrew Wang andrewawang@tbp
̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿'̿'\̵͇̿̿\з=ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ=ε/̵͇̿̿/'̿'̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿
Brittany Wais
Brittany Wais brittanywais@tbp
Leon Xu
Leon Xu leonxu@tbp
David Han
David Han dhan7173@tbp
Second year cheme major from the Bay Area who enjoys badminton, Smash Ultimate (Ike main), and chocolate. Contact me if you're down to play! (or anything really)
Won Ryu
Won Ryu wonryu@tbp
3rd year CS major

Industrial Relations indrel@tbp

Albert Qian
Albert Qian ayqian22@tbp
Wait what does IEOR mean? I'm glad you asked: What can I do with a degree in IEOR? This apparantly:
Andy Reddy
Andy Reddy andyreddy16@tbp
Why go to class when you can watch lectures online? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Kawin Swaddiwudhipong
Kawin Swaddiwudhipong kawin@tbp
So much to do, so much to see :)
Felix Lin
Felix Lin felixlin@tbp
Mech e boy
Raymond Sun
Raymond Sun raymondsun@tbp
2nd year BioE major in Cal Band who loves soccer even though I have no athleticism whatsoever (GGMU regardless)
Vicky Cui
Vicky Cui wvcui@tbp

Professional Development prodev@tbp

Garrett Go
Garrett Go garrettgo28@tbp
Hi everyone! I am a third-year IEOR major from Ohio/ New Jersey.
Eric Wang
Eric Wang ericandwang@tbp
3rd year ME (EECS minor) student with a passion in robotics. Infinity war, In-n-out, classical music, Overwatch, and brownies (with vanilla ice cream).
Elizabeth Pegg
Elizabeth Pegg epegg@tbp
I'm a third year Materials Science and Engineering major from San Diego who likes to try new foods, read good books, and do science.
Owen Voorhees
Owen Voorhees owenvoorhees@tbp
Hi! I'm Owen, a 3rd year EECS student from Hinsdale, Illinois. I enjoy programming, reading, and running. TBP is also pretty cool.
Josh DeWitt
Josh DeWitt jdewitt@tbp
International Keyboard Dealer

Publicity publicity@tbp

Danny Chu
Danny Chu dchu@tbp
Short and sweet.
Arnav Raha
Arnav Raha arnavraha@tbp
Third year BioE; fan of animals and puns~
Quentin Delepine
Quentin Delepine qube5@tbp
Hi, I'm Quentin and I am a 3rd year EECS major from Cupertino. I love playing soccer and board games!
Shahzar Rizvi
Shahzar Rizvi shahzar@tbp
sometimes i wake up in bed with no recollection of getting in bed or falling asleep

Engineering 98 e98@tbp

Lily Shiau
Lily Shiau lshiau@tbp
Fourth year Materials Science and Engineering student. Most often can be found thinking about very little.
Chad Wakamiya
Chad Wakamiya cwakamiya@tbp
Hi, I'm Chad! I'm a fourth-year IEOR major from San Ramon, CA. I love playing games, bearded dragons, and things that are orange.
Nirmaan Shanker
Nirmaan Shanker nshanker@tbp
Third year Joint EECS/MSE major from DC who wants to focus on device engineering. Usually can be found watching a Washington Wizards game.

Information Technology it@tbp

Kevin Chen
Kevin Chen chevinken@tbp
Hi I'm Kevin and I'm a 2nd year EECS major from SoCal. I love playing League of Legends, basketball, card games, and the saxophone.
Frank Wang
Frank Wang frankw084@tbp
Hi, I'm Frank. I am a second-year engineering student.
Daniel Kim
Daniel Kim dinekim750@tbp
Danny Geitheim
Danny Geitheim dgeitheim@tbp

Historian historian@tbp

Anika Ramachandran
Anika Ramachandran anikar@tbp
I am a second-year IEOR major. I like the color blue.
Yi Zhu
Yi Zhu yizhu@tbp
A picture is just a giant Excel file.
Rachel Li
Rachel Li rachel@tbp

Student and Alumni Relations stars@tbp

Paulameena Shultes
Paulameena Shultes pshultes@tbp
Hi friends! I'm a 4th year BioE/CS double major from Danville, CA (East Bay). When I'm not stuDYING and drinking coffee, you can find me playing in the marching band, singing loudly (*poorly) to broadway and disney tunes, trying new restaurants, improving my yoga practice, or enjoying a good book. I'm always open to getting food or coffee so feel free to reach out anytime! :))))
Michael Hong
Michael Hong michaelhong@tbp
Hi, my name is Michael! I’m a 3rd year Mechanical Engineering Major & Japanese Language/Math double minor from LA, hoping to pursue a PhD in Mechanical Engineering. I am studying abroad this Summer 2019 at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, conducting MechE research in Fluid Mechanics, which I’m super excited about! My favorite hobbies include studying Japanese, playing Smash Ultimate, and watching the NBA. I love talking about any of my interests, so if we have anything in common, or if you want to play smash, hit me up! :D
Jerry Yang
Jerry Yang typewriter23@tbp
Jerry Yang
Justin Yeung
Justin Yeung justinyeung@tbp
Hello! I'm a chemical engineering major from New Hampshire. I'm interested in pursuing a career in the energy and business sectors. I love hiking, watching Netflix, and wasting too much time scrolling through SAT.

Service service@tbp

Sean Roh
Sean Roh sroh@tbp
Hello, I'm a third year BioE. I love listening to podcasts, playing board games, and everything Star Trek.
Jack Smith
Jack Smith jacksmith5644@tbp
A third year chemical engineering student at the University of California, Berkeley. Officer in the service committee of TBP. I like chemistry and dogs.
Abner Abad
Abner Abad abnerabad12@tbp
Third year ChemE from OC.
Jason Lin
Jason Lin jason18111@tbp
I am a second-year Materials Science and EECS major. I like doggos.
Akash Velu
Akash Velu akashvelu@tbp
I'm an EECS major for SoCal who likes pretty much all sports

House Leader house-leaders@tbp

Tsang jtsang@tbp
I'm a third year ME major and I enjoy enjoyable things.
Andrea Chen
Andrea Chen chenandrea@tbp
3rd year chem e from sf : )
Ethan Chung
Ethan Chung echung@tbp
Hi, my name is Ethan! I'm a third year BioE major with a MechE minor! If I'm not studying I'm probably dancing :))))
Albert Tang
Albert Tang alberttang@tbp
I'm a third year EECS major and I enjoy enjoyable things.

Games games@tbp

Rachel Li
Rachel Li rachel@tbp
Alex Yang
Alex Yang alex688y@tbp
"So you know how to use one. But can you use it with style?" - Cayde-6

Projects projects@tbp

Divija Bhimaraju
Divija Bhimaraju divija@tbp
Second year bioe major and premed. Passionate about ideas and conversations. Enjoys dancing, writing poetry, and eating Ladle & Leaf. Favorite food is probably bread. "The most wasted of all days is one without laughter." ~E.E. Cummings.
Amala Akkiraju
Amala Akkiraju akkiraju@tbp
second year chem e major!
Luke Langford
Luke Langford luke@tbp
third year MSE major from San Diego catch me at berkeley bowl
Peter Zhu
Peter Zhu peterzhu@tbp
Hello! I like food.
Eric Hu
Eric Hu erichu57023@tbp
Fourth-year BioE with a mere EECS minor who wishes he was fully EECS. If you see me not being EECS in public, come say hi and ask me what it's like to wish I was EECS! ... Unless you're EECS.