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James Li - Fall 2005

James Li

Every year when the seniors leave, they fear that TBP would fall apart without their wisdom from experience. This semester,our goal was to tackle that problem by increasing the level of continuity between successive classes of officers.

Consistent with the theme of the semester, we implemented the knowledge management system. It's a way for older officers to share their expertise with newer officers. It describes in detail how to successfully accomplish activities as well as any pitfalls that were encountered along the way. Much like project reports,these written records give future officers the benefit of collective experience. However, since a project does not have to be completed to be included in the system, things that were considered but never implemented can be included as well.

With the growth of the knowledge management system, future generations of officers can accomplish the routine tasks of the semester with minimal trial and error. The best practices and rationale are described in detail and can be continuously updated as circumstances change. With more advanced support systems, the officers can concentrate on new projects and activities that will make TBP even better without having to sweat the details of the mundane events.

Another notable initiative of the semester include mentoring new officers. A big buddy/little buddy system was implemented, in which each new officer was paired with a more experienced officer so that new officers can feel more at home with the organization. This was partially extended to the candidates in the candidate committee system where several candidates worked alongside officers to accomplish meaningful projects to develop their interest in becoming a part of the officer corps.

The industrial relations committee, with the help of all the other officers, organized an extremely successful engineering career fair -- in fact our biggest to date. The relationships that we establish with companies will provide TBP members with a wealth of career opportunities upon graduating from Berkeley.

The success of the chapter, both during this particular semester and as part of a successful era, underscores the strength of our organization and the ability and dedication of our officers and members. I wish the best for future generations and I hope that your involvement with TBP will be as rewarding to you as mine was for me.

Important Contributions and New Traditions

  • Knowledge Management System (Officer Wiki)
  • Officer Big Buddy/Little Buddy
  • Most successful Career Fair to date (31 Companies)
  • Establishment of the Professional Development committee
  • Trial run of the Candidate Committee System
  • Hosted District 15 Conference