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"Building on Foundations" - Jo Kay Chan - Spring 1999

Jo Kay Chan

After the drastic changes of the previous semester, the CA A Chapter was ushered into a new era. The deep potential of the chapter was realized at last. Still,because change does not come fast, many of the newly implemented projects or newly introduced ideas were still in their infant stages. In this semester, Jo Kay was able to harness the ideas and enthusiasm of previous semesters and mold them into solid projects. She helped the chapter find focus through the myriad of changes and also accomplished an impressive feat of recruiting a candidate class without the usual candidate list! Below is an account written and edited in Fall 1999.

What I set out to do this semester was to reinforce the strengths of this chapter. It seemed like we have had a lot of good ideas in the past, but never quite polished them up or sometimes,never got around to making the projects happen. We've been talking about getting our own server for quite some time now, and that has finally happened (you can check out our web page at the new site!). We have set down concrete plans for the Convention, and secured our chapter as the lead chapter. We established ourselves as the Engineering Society of the Year, and planned many events with other student groups. We are so lucky to have so many enthusiastic members who are dying to help plan events and complete projects. Our enthusiasm has spread to other societies and have inspired them to be more active as well.

We also managed, through many difficult circumstances, to establish better communication with the College of Engineering and faculty members. My initial goal of reaching out to industry will be continued as TBP strives to build better relations with companies in the area. Additionally, we've shown how members can get involved by establishing the Active Member criteria and gave students additional incentives to be members-wearing the graduation stole, getting tbp email accounts, letting people know about the TBP Laureate and Fellowship programs, and organizing many meaningful activities that encourage camaraderie among Tau Bates.

The theme of my semester is Building on Foundations. All the work that we have done this semester has helped our chapter establish ourselves as an important force on campus among students, faculty, and industry alike.

Important Contributions and New Traditions

  • Completed TBP server
  • Fought for and kept the Bechtel office
  • Fought to get eligibility list and candidates despite MANY setbacks
  • Got Lead Chapter status for the 2000 Convention
  • Started sponsorship work and organization for the convention
  • Created the Active Member status
  • Initiated the "Yu-Han Chen Outstanding Member Award"
  • Installed a "Contact Box" * a quick reference for officers that helps with the continuity of the officer corps
  • Completed nomination of Leland Chang and Raymond Wang for the TBP Laureate Program
  • Received EJC's Engineering Society of the Year Trophy!
  • 1 cent lemonade stand on Cal Day (amassed $25!)
  • Worked with Engineering Alumni Society
  • Restarted Beach Cleanup
  • Won Gold in Ultimate Frisbee, Soccer and Tennis at the EJC Mini*Olympics
  • Started Game Night & Movie Night(New Projects Ideas)
  • Sponsored Biotech panel discussion with EMBS
  • Awarded TBP Graduation Stoles for Active Members
  • Created TBP T*shirts