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"Nationals/Convention" - Sayali Upasani - Fall 1997

Sayali Vinayak Upasani

Probably one of the most important and influential events for the CA Alpha Chapter occured during Sayali's presidency. We got the 2000 National Convention Bid. Sayali's efforts allowed our chapter to be known in the national level, and to be recognized as a powerhouse chapter of the West Coast. The following list was written and edited during Fall 1998.

My goals were to increase the involvement of CA A in the national TBP organization, and to make members and officers more involved by increasing their awareness of the breadth of TBP. (By taking on the Conv. 2000,hosting the District Meeting, and setting goals to win awards at the convention).

During my term and the previous term we tried to encourage friendship and comraderie in our chapter by planning social events, trips, potlucks. We tried to recognize the diverse talents of our members (talent show, Prakash's concerts..), and contribute to our university (Blue and Gold), and the community (North. Ca Land Trust, Toy fixing, beach clean-up)

This is pretty general - I bet the project books are a great place to get an idea of what was done each semester. - Sayali

Important Contributions and New Traditions

  • Hosted District Meeting
  • Recognized diverse talent of members
  • NorCal Land Trust
  • Set Goal to win National Awards
  • Increased awareness of the society at the national level
  • Increased awareness of National Chapter Awards
  • Kept "Little Axe" by winning Little Big Game at Stanford
  • Won Secretary's Commendation for 1996-97 school year