Mechanical Engineering 108

Mechanical Behavior of Engineering Materials
This course covers elastic and plastic deformation under static and dynamic loads. Failure by yielding, fracture, fatigue, wear, and environmental factors are also examined. Topics include engineering materials, heat treatment, structure-property relationships, elastic deformation and multiaxial loading, plastic deformation and yield criteria, dislocation plasticity and strengthening mechanisms, creep, stress concentration effects, fracture, fatigue, and contact deformation.

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Chakravartula Midterm 1 Spring 2016 Exam Flag


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Komvopoulos Fall 2014 Download Flag
Chakravartula Fall 2015 Download Flag
Komvopoulos Spring 2015 Download Flag
Chakravartula Spring 2016 Download Flag
Komvopoulos Fall 2017 Download Flag
Komvopoulos Spring 2018 Download Flag
Komvopoulos Spring 2019 Download Flag
Komvopoulos Fall 2019 Download Flag
Komvopoulos Fall 2020 Download Flag